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An Appreciation of Alf Evers
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Miriam Sanders' Essays on Nature
An interesting Flow:
John Kerry and the First Five Months of 1971— Some Clues to What His Presidency
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In print! Tales of Beatnik Glory, Vols. 1, 2, 3, & 4 in a single volume! from Thunder's Mouth Press.

See reviews in New York Press and St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Rain Taxi Review of Books

  Be sure and purchase America, a History in Verse, Volume 3, (1962-70) The Ultimate Book on the 1960s, and an excellent reference work for those who seek to refresh or study this important era
CHECK OUT THE GOOD REVIEW of America, Volume 3 in the July 4th, 2004 Los Angeles Times
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Olson & Kerouac 1968-1969

A Sequence of Glyphs tracing Jack Kerouac visiting Charles Olson at 28 Fort Square

in October of 1968, and then a year later Olson,

upon hearing of Jack's death, Olson describing the visit of Kerouac in October '68.


See Glyphs








(with its Deep-State Enforcer!)

a concept from a recent essay by the excellent Ray McGovern

in Consortium News,

Glyphized by Ed Sanders

Plus Two Recent Glyphs on Investigative Poetry, Ed Sanders

See Glyphs




A l L


For Sale

Full Run of the Woodstock Journal

We have a very limited supply of all issues published
of the Woodstock Journal.

1995 15 issues
1996 26 issues
1997 26 issues
1998 26 issues
1999 17 issues
2000 26 issues
2001 26 issues
2002 14 issues
2003 1 issue
TOTAL: 177 issues, all sequenced and
compiled year by year.

$500 to Edward Sanders
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Ode to Allen Ginsberg for his 92nd Birthday Celebration

at The Howl Gallery

on East 1st, NYC

June 3, 2018

featuring a defiant ultra-energetic group reading of "Howl,"

and I read this "Ode to Allen" and sang my "Song to Allen"

plus a fine set by David Amram backed by a stand-up bass,

and his son Caleb on congas!

plus a fine recitation of the wonderful "Wales Visitation" by Simon Pettet

& readings by Eileen Myles, Bob Rosenthal and others.....



link to Ed Sanders' Ode to Allen




Announcing the publication

by Arcade Publishers

in New York City


Broken Glory,

The Final Years of Robert F. Kennedy

by Ed Sanders, illustrated by Rick Veitch




Poem for the Memory

of The Mighty Mo

Maurice Hinchey

great great great protector

of the Environment,

and advocate for a sharing economy

link to Poem for the Mighty Mo




Broken Glory, the Final Years of Robert F. Kennedy,

a Graphic History or Investigative Poem, by Ed Sanders

with illustrations

by Rick Veitch

will be published in the spring of 2018

—after over 40 years of researching &

writing this Investigative Poem




Bernie Sanders forPresident, 2020!!!



Fugs Exorcise White House

For the 50th anniversary year of their historic 1967 Exorcism of the White House, the Fugs recorded an Exorcism of the White House, with a video added by filmmaker Chuck Smith. The Exorcism of the White House had its premiere performance on large screens at the Great Hall of Cooper Union in New York City on April 30, 3027, using the same lectern Abraham Lincoln stood behind in his historic 1860 House Divided speech.

Here is the Fugs Exorcism of the White House, to be found on YouTube:

Then the Fugs also performed a live version of the Exorcism of the White House at a demonstration sponsored by Veterans for Peace, at the Lincoln Memorial in D.C.

Here is a YouTube of the Fugs' live Exorcism of the White House in D.C. on May 30:

Also, here is the text of the Exorcism of the White House (Steve Taylor wrote a memorable and marvelous melody and arrangement for the initial section of the Exorcism)

Text of the Exorcism





A Life of William Blake

—Edward Sanders

William Blake, 1757-1827, triumphed in a life spend amidst English repression of personal freedom, and always war war war, an threats of govt spies, excessie surveillance, within a Climate of Chill regardng Personal Liberty. Sound familiar? He dealt with threats from state security apparatus against his freedom to write and publish what he wanted, so he adjusted his Illuminated Writings and Paintings to dive into symbols and myths that told the World Story in Total Truth. The Blake-Route, so ancient, so very New.

link to A Life of William Blake




One of the most horrible history-altering events of the last 50 years was the killing of Robert Kenney on June 5, 1968.

I have been working for years on a book-length poem about RFK's final years.


link to poem




In Praise of the 4th Avenue Bookstores in New York City during the 1950s (and earlier too!)— How the scent of antique tomes was as the

Lint of Isis!

link to poem "The Bookstores of New York"





Poem for Drum Hadley

I was helping reach out to my old acquaintance poet and rancher Drum Hadley to see if he might contribute to the purchase of Charles Olson's apartment building at 28 Fort Square in Gloucester. The Gloucester Writers Center wants to house Ralph Maud's excellent Olson library at the location, and to preserve the building where Olson composed some of his great historic verse on Gloucester, overlooking the harbor. It's a very worthy cause, but just days after I'd sent my letter to Drum word came that he'd just passed away. He'd told me a few years ago that he only had two years left to him, and he lasted about five.

Oh Drum Hadley, excellent poet and great conservationist and protector of Open Space, here's a poem I wrote the day the grim news arrived. Requiescat in Pace, o Drum

poem for Drum



Salute to Alf Evers

—A biographic Appreciation— Edward Sanders—

link to essay



A Sequence of Poems Examining the

life of Samuel Taylor Coleridge—

Edward Sanders

link to Coleridge Poems





Seeking the Glyph: an Exhibition which occurred March 31-May 23, 2015. My gratitude to Poets House

Edward Sanders

Poets House 10 River Terrace, New York, NY 10282 Tel: (212) 431-7920 
-See more at:








Glyph for Saving the Sphinx

A Recent Glyph, presented upon the


News that ISIS is calling for the Destruction of the Sphinx





11 New Glyphs by Edward Sanders

click for glyphs

(Look for exhibition of Glyphs by Edward Sanders opening at Poets House in NYC March 31, 2015)








Edward Sanders, Music by Jay Ungar

—a poem by E.S., based on Chekhov's story, "Rothschild's Fiddle." A performance of this powerful story plus a beautifully tragic and mournful set of violin melodies by Jay Ungar can be played on

listen to Rothschild's Fiddle



My biographic poem

The Poetry and Life of Allen Ginsberg

is now available on

link to poem




Evil Incarnadine

I'm working to complete a long long long investigative poem on the final two years of the life of Robert F. Kennedy. Here is a brief poem, "Evil Incarnadine" about the RFK killing and aftermath. If you have information on the Robert Kennedy assassination, I'd be interested in receiving it.

link to poem




1968, a History in Verse

(updated version)

Edward Sanders

link to 1968




Auden and Day

a poem celebrating a donation in 1955

from W. H. Auden to Dorothy Day


link to poem



Unas the Magnificent

—a poem about Pharaoh Unas who was the last Pharaoh of the 5th Dynasty

2375-2345 B.C., and the glorious walls of Glyphs in his sarcophagus— which enable

Unas to join Ra in the Solar Barque, sailing forever across the Sky!

(I'm still searching for peace in a New Century!)

link to Unas the Magnificent



When I heard that Lou had undergone a liver
transplant, I created a Healing Glyph for him, and
sent it. He quickly replied, June 5,

“oh thanks so much 
ed.. I feel better already”



A Call from a White House Speechwriter Regarding a Quote by Robert Kennedy

I received a call from a White House speechwriter recently to check on a quote from Robert Kennedy from a play by Aeschylus after the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Link to Conversation, plus Obama's speech, and my poem, "Robert Kennedy Recites from Agamemnon"



Ah, Anselm

—a Salute to Anselm Hollo

I miss very much my friend of over forty years— the brilliant poet Anselm Hollo. We exchanged many letters over the years, and met many times here and there on the bardic landscape. Here's a photo of me, Anselm, Bobbie Louise Hawkins and Jane Dalrymple-Hollo from 1990:

link to "Ah, Anselm" salute



I took part in a "Salute to 1959" last summer at Rockefeller Park on the west side of Manhattan near the World Trade Center. The evening was sponsored in part by Poets House. There was a wonderful musical ensemble led by percussionist/composer Terri Lyne Carrington. I wrote two poems in salute to that great year and its jazz recordings by Mingus, Davis, Brubeck, Coltrane, Coleman, and others, plus in salute to the rise of the Beat Generation in '59! Here are my two poems which I read to the thrilling accompaniment of the ensemble.

link to the Poems for 1959



Salute to Spain Rodriguez

brilliant artist

link to salute




Glyphs for the New Year— 2013

—Edward Sanders

link to Glyphs




A Poem Urging a National Tossing-off of Debts, as in the ancient Greek Seisachtheía

—thus enabling the people of America to Rise up out of the Mire of Debt, Excessive Student Loans (higher education ought to be FREE), and the burdens of high credit card rates

link to poem




Fugs in Chi/Cleve

The Fugs recently (November 30 and December 1, 2012, held reunion concerts at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland and City Winery in Chicago. Both were well-received. Here's a review in the Cleveland Plain Dealer by Emmet Smith, and an article in the Chicago Tribune by Greg Kot.

Fugs in Cleveland


Chicago Tribune Article




Two Sections from Robert Francis Kennedy— a Poem

I have been writing a long poem on Robert Kennedy's final two years. It is now completed, after over thirty years of work. Here are two sections of the poem.

-Edward Sanders

1. The Assassination of Martin King

link to King

2. Robert Kennedy's Final Day, June 4, 1968

link to RFK's Final Day



Chekhov— a Biography in Verse

Here is Chekhov— a Biography in Verse, in a slightly improved edition.

Above is a Glyph in honor of Chekhov's great public works tending the sick for free

and building schools, bridges and public works—

—Edward Sanders

click here for Chekhov




Published by Da Capo Press! Fug You— an Informal History of the Peace Eye Bookstore, the Fuck You Press, The Fugs, and Counterculture in the Lower East Side.



The Poetry and Life of Al Fowler—

featuring a biography and a selection of his poetry. Fowler 1940-1980 was a poet and partisan of the Lower East Side counterculture of the early 1960s. I published a good number of his early poems. He lived over a decade, beginning in 1966, in Minnesota, and returned to New York in 1979. He was hit by a subway in early 1980, and passed away.

The Poetry and Life of Al Fowler



TThe Surreal Housewives of Woodstock

a sequence of 15 tunes

by Jules Shear and Ed Sanders, now available on YouTube


Go to YouTube— Channel EdwardSanders100, to access Surreal Housewives of Woodstock

Song 01, Surreal Housewives of Woodstock.m4v (Moon Tone Moyna)

Song 02, Surreal Housewives of Woodstock.m4v (Too Many Causes Tara)

Song 3, Surreal Housewives of Woodstock.m4v (Mothers of Moonhaw Draw)

Song 04, Surreal Housewives of Woodstock.m4v (Patti Pill Head)

Song 05, Surreal Housewives of Woodstock.m4v (Audrey Who makes it with Her Friend's Boyfriends)

Song 06, Surreal Housewives of Woodstock.m4v (Pot Farm Pam)

Song 07, Surreal Housewives of Woodstock.m4v (Who Has the Craziest Husband?)

Song 08, Surreal Housewives of Woodstock.m4v (Shy Genius Sheila)

Song 09, Surreal Housewives of Woodstock.m4v (Very Religious Vera)

Song 10, Surreal Housewives of Woodstock.m4v (Fatally Attracted Frieda)

Song 11, Surreal Housewives of Woodstock.m4v (Anger Management Angie)

Song 12, Surreal Housewives of Woodstock.m4v (Faeries on the Lawn)

Song 13, Surreal Housewives of Woodstock.m4v (Sex Gossip Sue)

Song 14, Surreal Housewives of Woodstock.m4v (Word-Salad Wendy)

Song 15, Surreal Housewives of Woodstock.m4v (The Great Dust-Up at the Veganecue)

click here for description and history of project




Glyphs for Ted Berrigan


—Edward Sanders


get glyphs here




Yiddish Speaking Socialists of the Lower East Side

Edward Sanders,

a lesson in history useful for these troubled times


click for text

(view poem with music on YouTube— Yiddish Speaking Socialists of the Lower East Side.m4v located on YouTube Channel EdwardSanders100)





—Edward Sanders

July 3, 2011 marks the 40th anniversary of the death of Jim Morrison in Paris. "The Final Times of Jim Morrison" is a biographic poem tracing the life and activities of the poet & musician during his final troubled months. There are unanswered questions. Anyone with new information, please contact the author.

click here for The Final Times of Jim Morrison




Four Final Volumes of America, a History in Verse Completed, & Available on

I have been working during recent months finishing three volumes of America, a History in Verse. They are Volume 7 (the 18th Century), Volume 8 (the 17th Century), and Volume 9 (the 15th/16th Centuries). These three volumes are completed, and can be downloaded free from

I am now at work on the final volume of America— the 19th Century. I have a draft completed, and thus this 9-volume project, begun on January 1, 1998 when I was sitting out by our creek here in Woodstock reading Blake's America, a Prophecy, is now nearing completion. Yay! provides a way to purchase the groovy America, the 20th Century, which presents all five volumes tracing the 20th Century in a single CD format, with each volume fully indexed, and with a 20 page color descriptive insert.




Blue Rider—

A Tribute to the Life of Wassily Kandinsky,

with Glyphs for Kandinsky by Edward Sanders (updated edition)

click here




A Sequence of Glyphs in Honor of the Gentle Memory of Peter Orlovsky

click here




Investigative Poetry

pdf of original edition. We are responding to a continuing demand

for this out-of-print manifesto,

published by City Lights Books in 1976

Link to Investigative Poetry




A Sample of New Glyphs from November 2009, by Edward Sanders

#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7




Time to Study JFK Immediately! Start with James Douglass's Book, JFK and the Unspeakable

link to new poem by Edward Sanders



Let's Not Keep Fighting the Trojan War, New and Selected Poems, 1986-2008

—Edward Sanders

New Collection from Coffee House Press, now in print! Yay!

Front and Back Covers




Beautiful Air

—The Voyages of Henry Hudson up the Great River and to the New World—

by Edward Sanders

A Poem Tracing Hudson's Four Voyages Searching for the Northwest Passage, 1607, 1608, 1609, & 1610/11

with a look at the founding of Jamestown, and Algonkian-Speaking Natives along the Hudson

adapted from America, a History in Verse, Vol. 8, the 17th Century

read this poem



The Thrill of Tracing Hieroglyphs

—a poem on sketching ancient Glyphs

written while working on a book of memoirs, and writing about the Mimeograph Revolution of the 1960s —

by Edward Sanders

read poem




A Celebration of Congressman Maurice Hinchey and the Creation of the Hudson River Valley Greenway

Read this History and Timeline




The New Amazing Grace

Conceived, Gathered and Sequenced by Edward Sanders

—a collection of over 75 new verses to this classic hymn by outstanding poets, writers, and composers.

We urge you to sing The New Amazing Grace at peace rallies, fundraisers for good causes, at church
gatherings and public meetings of all kinds. It can be presented, of course, in a very secular way.

Its message of always trying to keep a hopeful and upbeat outlook is needed now more than ever. And please give out
lyrics to the audience so they can sing along!

click here for the New Amazing Grace




A Brief Collection of Humorous Poetry

—Edward Sanders

link to the smile zone



Note to readers: We have been having trouble downloading all the e-mail, especially with attached images. If you want to reach Edward Sanders, you can send messages to But please no images, musical files, or other large attachments, and no press releases. Send press releases, with as few images as possible, to Information on America, a History in Verse, including the new CD release of America, the 20th Century, is available on

Many thanks.



Some Poems by Edward Sanders

  • "Ode to the Beat Generation," "Black Hole Spin-Shift," and "Micronetic Bibles"


Poems for New Orleans

has been published by North Atlantic Books, at $14.95, with a beautiful cover by Shawn Hall, and designed by Susan Quasha.

Here's what three writers have said about Poems for New Orleans:

“No poet today writes history better than Ed Sanders. From the Duke of Orleans’ fragile grouping of houses in 1718, to wealth and heights with Mardi Gras and fun without guilt, to the storm of Katrina, the bard of our continent gives us the truth with these poems and songs.”
—Joanne Kyger, author of About Now: Collected Poems

“Sanders the poet-maestro of American history excels his own lyrical genius with the truth beams he sends flashing in Poems for New Orleans.”
—Michael McClure, author of Scratching the Beat Surface

“In producing this extraordinary work, Sanders has combined the patient labors of the engaged historian with the creative inspiration of the poet. The Poems enlighten the reader about the thick particularities of real, lived history…. At the same time, they enchant the reader with the magic of the place, so that one can well imagine the visionary Blake crossing paths with the Voodoo Priestess Marie Laveau. … The Poems reveal that [Sanders] has gained a deep and empathetic knowledge of the city’s history, its people, and its complex personality, that he has intently ‘listened to the whispering of its secret mind.’ ”
—John P. Clark, Gregory F. Curtin Distinguished Professor in Humane Letters and the Professions at Loyola University New Orleans

Here's what the publisher says, on the back jacket:

The indomitable spirit of the people of New Orleans is the focus of this powerful suite of poems by counterculture icon Edward Sanders. The book begins with a series of vivid evocations of key events and personalities in the city’s history, then brings this colorful legacy into the present with the harrowing force of Hurricane Katrina. That natural catastrophe, worsened by human factors, is explored as a watershed demonstration of the sociopolitical fissures underlying modern America. Although the still-unfinished tragedy of Katrina suffuses Poems for New Orleans, human resilience in the face of adversity is its ultimate subject. Here is a New Orleans only glimpsed by the outside world, a place whose creativity, humor, and triumphant spirit no tragedy can overcome.


You can purchase it at your local bookstore, or over the net.




America, a History in Verse, Volumes 1-5, The 20th Century

published as a CD, with each volume indexed. Over 2,000 pages tracing the entire century! Published by Blake Route Press, Box 729, Woodstock, NY 12498. $24.95. It's ready for immediate delivery.

Ten years in the writing!



Robert Kennedy Recites from Agamemnon

A Poem about RFK Reciting from Aeschylus in a Great and Spontaneous Speech April 4, 1968, campaigning in Indiana, upon hearing of the Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.

read the poem




The Bill and Monica Years

from America, a History in Verse, Volume 5 (1986-2000) (to appear in America, the 20th Century, Volumes 1-5, a CD edition!!! with indexes to all volumes) to be available in an edition designed by Austin Metze in late-summer 2008

—Edward Sanders

read the text



A Tribute to Sappho

—a talk, with music, given at Poet's House in New York City, March 30, 2001

read the talk



Poems for New Orleans, a 77 + minute CD of 15 poems about the great Crescent City, past and present, is now published! Ed Sanders worked on this CD from January through May, recording it at Piety Street Studios in New Orleans. Mark Bingham composed and produced the music for the 15 poems. The music, performed by almost 40 of N.O.'s finest musicians and performers, is absolutely brilliant!!!!

Poems for New Orleans is available from

Watch for the book version of Poems for New Orleans, to be published by North Atlantic Books (Distributed by Random House) in August, 2008!!!




Recent Essay by Edward Sanders

Writing, Social Activism and Revolution

a Talk with Poetry and Music

—the keynote address to the New York College English Association Spring Converence,

SUNY New Paltz, April 11



New Poem by Edward Sanders, "In Praise of William Morris," from America, a History in Verse, Volume 6, The 19th Century



Poems for New Orleans

–a report on the recent Book and CD project

Edward Sanders

link to report




Ode to Helen Hill

a biographic poem on the New Orleans filmmaker

Edward Sanders




A Salute to Wavy Gravy!!!

This is a biographical salute to the vast-vim'd human known as Wavy Gravy. Shakespeare once began a poem, "Who is Silvia? What is she?" Those are the questions we shall try to answer in this appreciation. Who is Wavy Gravy? What is he? as we trace his life and times, pointing out interesting facts here and there, in order to savor and understand the meaning of his celebrated voyage in the Great Flow.

Link to complete Biographic Appreciation of the Wavester.



A Poetic Essay on the Recent History and Future Fate of the Manufacture and Use of Landmines in the World. You think landmines are being phased out? Read this Essay


Link to Landmines Essay


A Visit To Prague
for the 2005
Prague Writers' Festival

In early June of 2005, I visited Prague to take part in the Prague Writers’ Festival. It was a very interesting and complicated time for me, which plucked the strings of much that has happened in the last forty years, so I decided to prepare a report. I’ll begun with some memories of how one of my bardic mentors impacted world history through a trip he made to Prague in the spring of 1965.

Link to complete article