Just published by Da Capo Press is Fug You— an Informal History of the Peace Eye Bookstore, the Fuck You Press, the Fugs and Counterculture in the Lower East Side. 407 pages tracing the years 1962 till early 1970.

America, a History in Verse, Vols. 1-9 is now completed, the final four volumes, covering the 15th through the 19th centuries are available for download from Americahistoryinverse.com

America, a History in Verse, Volumes 1 (1900-1939), 2 (1940-1961), and 3 (1962-1970) were published by Black Sparrow/David Godine. America is a 9-volume work tracing the 15th through the 20th centuries.

Volumes 4, (1971-1885) and 5, (1986-2000) have been completed; a enhanced CD version of Volumes 1-5, The Twentieth Century, has been published, with an index to each volume, by Blake Route Press, Box 729, Woodstock, NY, $24.95

The America 1-5 enhanced CD is available from Americahistoryinverse.com

Recent works include Poems for New Orleans, a full-length CD of spoken poetry with musical accompaniment by some of the finest New Orleans musicians. The CD was recorded in sequences of sessions in February and April this year. Poems for New Orleans has been released by Paris Records, parisrecords.net.

Poems for New Orleans features a sequence of verse which explores the origins of New Orleans in the early 18th Century, with additional poems set in New Orleans during the 19th and 20th centuries, and a concluding sequence which focuses on the aftermath of the Katrina disaster. Sanders has studied intently the deliberate neglect and scandalously inept reconstruction (and nonreconstruction) of New Orleans following the region’s calamity.

The CD was recorded at Mark Bingham’s Piety Street Recording studio in New Orleans. Mark Bingham, a noted composer, supervised and created the music to accompany the verse.

In addition to the CD, Poems for New Orleans has been published by North Atlantic Books, distributed by Random House

Paris Records, founded and owned by Michael Minzer, is based in Dallas, and has produced a number of historically important literary CDs, including Allen Ginsberg’s The Lion for Real. In addition to Sanders’ Poems for New Orleans, Paris Records will be issuing CDs by Robert Creeley, Gregory Corso (with Marianne Faithfull), Hunter Thompson, Kathy Acker, Ira Cohen and others.

Thunder's Mouth Press in 2004 published all four volumes of Tales of Beatnik Glory, completing a project begun in 1973. These interconnected stories trace the years 1957 through 1969, and feature the lives of poets, activists, artists, novelists, musicians during those years.

For several years, E.S. has been working with Vincent Fremont and Shelly Dunn Fremont on a movie version of Tales of Beatnik Glory. Several table reads have been held, and noted producer Jon Kilik has helped the project considerably.

Also completed in 2010 was The Fugs Final CD (Part 2), for which E.S. and Fugs co-founder Tuli Kupferberg have written enough tunes to fill two CDs.

Sanders produced and directed the Fugs Final CD, Part 1, which Artemis Records released in 2003. The Fugs performed twice in ’03, in July in New York City, and in September at Page Hall in Albany, sponsored by the New York State Writers Institute.

Sanders produced a tribute to Allen Ginsberg at the Woodstock Poetry Festival in August 2003, and "Great Songs Night," a concert featuring excellent songs written in Woodstock during the past few decades as part of the Byrdcliffe Centennial Celebration.

Sanders was Writer in Residence at the New York State Writers Institute in Albany, teaching a course in Investigative Writing, during the fall 2003 term.

Sanders' poetry CD, Thirsting for Peace, was released by Olufsen Records, featuring the extended, multi-part “Thirsting for Peace in a Raging Century,” performed with the Microlyre, an electronic instrument with a curved keying surface which plays a 32-note-to-the-octave microtonal scale.

After eight years publishing the Woodstock Journal with his wife, the artist and writer Miriam Sanders, the publication switched to an all-web format, which can be reached at woodstockjournal.com

Edward Saders
Box 729, Woodstock, N.Y. 12498