The Right Wing Crushes the Great Henry Wallace
            From the Vice-Presidency in 1944, yet when he Runs
           for President in 1948 He Helps Nudge Truman toward
           Progressive Stances (Such as National Health Care)
                       [an Example for 2004, as Nader Runs] 

					                            Wallace as Vice President

		Vice President John Garner
			  		 had opposed Roosevelt running for a 3rd term
			  		 so the President dumped Mr. Garner
			 		  and pressured the
			  		 Democratic Convention in Chicago that July 19
			 		 to nominate the plant geneticist Henry Wallace
				  				 who used to publish the newspaper, Wallace's Farmer								       
					Wallace had been the Secretary of Agriculture since '33
												running the New Deal assistance programs
									    																	 to farmers

					The right wing hated him
				    				  and slowly, during the following years
																formed a Get Wallace! fang-pack

				          The Question of What Kind of Century?

		A human being named Henry Luce
		owned several powerful magazines
		including Life where early this year 
		he published an editorial
								called upon an American Century
		based on capitalism as opposed to "utopian dreams of social reform"

	a Pax Americana
		       of money hunger & a We Know Better empire.
	Henry Wallace answered with "The Century of the Common Man"
				a New Deal for all the world through democracy

			You can look it up in the vestiges of the past

					                     Hating Henry Wallace

			The eyes of disapproval
									among conservatives
														began to focus on the
									liberal plant-geneticist  VP Henry Wallace
									next in line

			and party bosses began to mutter, "Get him out of here."

			All that spring and summer
			hubrisistic hacks hacked heartily
									to gouge Henry Wallace from the ticket

			FDR wanted Wallace to
									work better with the Senate
			and the big business Wall Streeters and crypto-conservatives
			the President had brought in
												to help run the war
				     wanted the New Deal intervention over.

			It's a complicated tale.
			There were a few powerful New Dealers that wanted
			William O. Douglas to step away from the Supreme Court
											and run for VP

			But I think it was the National Democratic Chair
			from the St. Louis machine
				(close to Senator Truman)
				who did the most to snuff Wallace from the fray

			You can look it up
							in the many Henry Wallace time-tracks.

								The Concept of a New Party

	FDR sounded out Mr. Wendell Wilkie
				    				  on forming a new Liberal Party

				so as to escape the right wing sludge in the Democrat Party
				& the howling, hating, hubrising Republicans

	Wilkie had been defeated by the conservative wing o' th' Rep's

	so that July FDR sent his trusted speech-writer/confidant Sam Rosenman
	to talk with Wilkie

	the plan was to commingle the liberal parts of the Democrats
	with the liberal parts of the Republicans
										Wilkie liked the idea

	On July 13 FDR dictated a letter inviting Wilkie
				to the White House or Hyde Park

				but someone snitched the letter to the media
				where it created an ink-squall so that
				the meeting was put off till after the election
								(Wilkie, however, died that fall
								  and so history was denied)

				 						  Roosevelt & Truman
					      							 July 19

				Roosevelt came in his private train to Chicago
														for the Democratic Convention

				Big time pols are a bit like wolves
				& I think the Dem-wolvse
				judging the President's drop in health
				    								 felt FDR soon would pass
				& that the VP would be the president

		so it was grrrr
						get Wallace
					        		 out of here

		Senator Harry Truman of Missouri looked good to them		
		though some wanted Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas
		& James Byrnes (later Truman's secretary of state)
			     																truly hungered for it

		Wallace had a lead on the first ballot
		but Truman swept into place
					 						 on the second

					setting the stage for the dropping of the a-bomb

										Left! Right! Left! Right!
												  Late 1947

			Truman was advised to move to the Left
			on domestic policy
					to stitch up the New Deal coalition
					farmers, blacks, Jews, org labor
									& urban ethnics

			and then to push the Cold War.
			So said a long memo from Clark Clifford
				advice which the man from Independence followed.

								 The Strength of Henry Wallace
											February, 1948

	In the Bronx
				a special congressional election	
							was won by a candidate from the American Labor Party
							who was pledged to Henry Wallace

				A Gallup Poll predicted that Wallace'd get
				13-18 percent of New York's vote

		      						 The Faked War Scare of Early 1948

									Eisenhower in
									'61 wd name
									the Military-Industrial Complex
									entered the "picture"
														I shall call them in my history
								 								the Military-Industrial Surrealists
																or the mil-ind-surrs

														The military-industrial-surrealists
																	with their hungers for profits & puissance
														pushed forward a pre-planned war scare
					     																					early that year

			part of which was to force the Republicans
			to pass the European Recovery Plan
			known in history as the Marshall Plan

			which arrived for Truman's signature not long  
			       the war scare had been promulgated
			       without any evidence of
						    				 actual Russian war intent

			(there had been a Communist coup in Czechoslovakia
			which had produced vast alarmist headlines)

			For more, you could read Frank Kofsky's interesting 
			Harry S. Truman and the War Scare of 1948
			a Successful Campaign to Deceive the Nation

March 17, '48
			Truman at a St. Patrick's Day dinner 
							arranged by th' ultra right wing Cardinal Spellman said
							"I do not want and I will not accept
							the political support of Henry Wallace & his Communists"

July 15 
			Harry Truman was feeling feisty
			in Philadelphia
						      at the Democratic Convention
			where Senator Alben Barkley of Kentucky
															was chosen his mate
			"Senator Barkley & I will win this election
											and make these Republicans like it."

July 23-25
			The Progressive Party Convention
													also in Philadelphia
							put forth Mr. Henry Wallace
							for President

							Among the points of the platform:
							•an end to the draft
							•destruction of all a-bombs
							•better relations with the Soviet Union

										"Wallace or War"
										was one of his banners

			 	   						 grr          grrr          grr
				    					 went the Republicrats

				     								 Fall 1948 Campaign
		When Henry Wallace ran for President
						    				 on the Progressive Party ticket
		Truman did what good Democrats have often done
		coopted the Left/Liberal
		by changing his dance steps
									from hokey-pokey right
									to hokey-pokey left.

		He de-emphasized the Cold War
		attached himself to a strong civil rights plank in the Platform
		called again for National Health Coverage
		price controls to help consumers
		protection for small farmers
											  & repeal of the union-hating Taft-Hartley Act.
		At the one-room school I attended in Missouri
			         there were rock and mudball fights
			                     among the children of
						         						 Democrats & Republicans

		with the Democratic boys chanting
					 "Phooey on Dewey!
				 	  Phooey on Dewey!"

		Public opinion polls said Dewey was going to win
		George Gallup's final poll on October 30  
		gave it to Dewey 49.5 to 44.5 percent
											The Wallace Campaign

		There was massive red-baiting 
		of the Henry Wallace-Glen Taylor Progressive Party ticket
														by liberal democrats
														especially by a group called the
														Americans for Democratic Action
							(Communists were welcomed into the 1948
							Henry Wallace coalition)

			& Southerners who hated blacks
						formed the States' Rights Democrat party aka the Dixiecrats
											and ran Strom Thurmond of South Carolina for pres

								"Keep America Human with Truman"
																was one of Harry's posters

															Democrats Sweep
					   											  November 2

						Many Americans believed (back then) that the
									popular vote 
												appoints the president
						but election night '48 almost showed
						how the "electors"
										could have given it to Dewey.

						All night Truman surged in the popular count
						but trailed in the electoral college 
						till dawn when
			      		he won the State of Illinois
					          						& measured his victory.

				Final tally: 303 electoral votes to Truman
					      189 to Dewey
					      Thurmond 30
				           Wallace   zero

		Popular count: Truman 24.1mk to Dewey at 21.9 mk

			Henry Wallace at 1.15 mk
			Strom Thurmond, States-Rights Democrat  1.169mk
			& the Democrats won both houses of Congress!

				(Wallace won 509,559 votes in NY 
				  and the state went to Dewey)


								In the end America's working people
								particularly those in unions
								voted for Harry
								to stanch the assault on the New Deal
						     									 and the crushing of labor

								"Labor did it,"
										    	Truman said in Kansas City
																		the day after the voting

				--adapted from America, a History in Verse, Volume 2