At the Edge of a Parking Lot Drive over the little bridge to the town parking lot on Rock City Road, and you will find at its borders a wonderful garden -- full of color and burgeoning life.

An Elfin Visitor in the Kitchen
It was quite late, three o’clock AM to be exact, when I became aware of a rustling sound over the kitchen window, above the sink.

The Insatiable Short-Tailed Shrew

Although short-tailed shrews are exceedingly common in the Northeast, many country dwelling people think they have never seen one.

The Beautiful Bird from the West Who Came to Stay
If you had lived in Woodstock, New York sixty years ago, you couldn't have had the pleasure of viewing the delightful house finch from your living room window.

The Shy Serpent of Overlook Mountain
One sultry July afternoon, a hiker climbs on the southern slope of Overlook Mountain. He pauses for breath, and notices movement in a pile of leaves directly before him. It is fortunate that he does not tread on that pile, for it hides a large, poisonous snake, the timber rattler!

A Planter of Oak Forests
The eastern blue jay, Cyanocitta cristata, is a passerine or perching bird, a member of the family that also includes magpies and crows.

A Startling Beauty
One sultry, summer afternoon, I stood on a grimy subway platform in Greenwich Village, in a throng of weary, hot commuters. One by one, as we became aware of an amazing sight, grim faces softened and smiles appeared.

A Fearless Fellow in Evening Attire
In his glossy black fur trimmed with gleaming white stripes, the skunk looks like a portly gentleman in evening clothes as he walks slowly across the road in the moonlight.

A Singing Cat in the Hedgerow
The "gray catbird," Dumetella carolinensis, is a member of the mockingbird family, which also includes the thrashers.

Smallest Songster of Springtime
One night, when the weather was astonishingly warm for March, I went out with my new friend Judy to listen to the Spring Peepers.

The Skydancer
The American woodcock is a plump, short-legged bird of the sandpiper family – a shore bird that doesn't spend time at the beach!

A Striped Beguiler
What an engaging little creature the chipmunk is, and how easily tamed!

The Glory of our Native Sugar Maple
The sugar maple, also known as Acer saccharum, rock or hard maple, is a magnificent tree; not only beautiful to look at, it provides us with wonderful gifts year round.