Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld (and Other Right Wingers) Conspire 
            to Remove Nelson Rockefeller from the '76 Ticket

Author's note: I'm no fan of Nelson Rockefeller. His flaws star in his history, and you can easily check them out. (You might start with the eye-opening book Thy Will Be Done-- The Conquest of the Amazon: Nelson Rockefeller and Evangelism in the Age of Oil, by Gerard Colby with Charlotte Dennett.) Rockefeller was chosen vice president in 1974 when Tricky was forced to fly back to San Clemente and Gerald Ford became President. To grrrr-ing right wing klingonistic officials in Ford's White House such as Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, having Rockefeller as v.p. was a horrid event, so they and their right wing nut ilk conspired to toss Rockie from the '76 ticket.

Nixon had fallen in disgrace in August of '74 & Ford chose Nelson Rockefeller for vice president according to the provisions of the 25th Amendment

Ford seemed particularly fumbly & stumbly whose unwingéd mind flapped low on the limb

Two men who would later help lead a great nation toward reckless violence & battiness for war were pushy, aggressive parts of the Ford team:

Dick Cheney & Donald Rumsfeld Rumsfeld was chief of staff
And then on September 5 a Manson adept named Squeaky Fromme in a red hooded robe approached President Ford in a Sacramento park pulled a .45 from a holster strapped to her thigh & tried to shoot him
The president was saved by a heroic Secret Service agent named Larry Buendorf
who batted away the gun hand

Vice Pres Rockefeller was in NYC when Squeaky tried to kill. "What is the Manson gang?" the v.p. asked as the Secret Service hustled him off to a place back to D.C. Then on September 22 FBI-informer Sara Jane Moore took a shot at Ford in San Francisco

The torrent of Clio (Muse of History) is murky but the fact that Squeaky, then Sara Jane almost made the satan of Pocantico Hills president made the right wing sleaze-pack inside the White House whirl into action the whirl-pack convinced Ford that Rockefeller was responsible for his drop in the polls-- & that the Bible Belt was oozing away because of liberal Rockefeller. Across the nation, of course, the word was out that Gerald Ford was mean and stupid as traced on the October 30, 1975 front Page of the New York Daily News FORD TO CITY: DROP DEAD after Ford had announced he wd not support Federal money to help NYC through a fiscal crisis It was presidency-dooming sort of headline and liberals everywhere recalled Ford's mean & unseemly attempt to get the great William O. Douglas tossed off the Supreme Court & Ford's dim work on the Warren Commission. Meanwhile, right wing Ronald Reagan also was making right wing waves as if he might grab the '76 nomination from dearth-noggined Ford

So that late that month of October, '75 when Rockefeller entered the Oval Office for his weekly one-on-one with Ford

here was an awkward silence at first then Ford blurted

"I have been talking with my political advisers and I think it would be, as much as personally I feel badly about it it would be better if you were not on the ticket...."

Rockefeller, "Fine. I will write you a letter."

Ford responded dimbulbedly, "That will be wonderful."
A few days later Ford fired Kissinger as national security sdviser (but kept him on as Secretary of State) fired William Colby as CIA director fired James Schlesinger as defense secretary (the one who'd made certain Nixon could not call in the military to keep him in the White House) replacing him with Donald Rumsfeld
Rumsfeld had been chief of staff; now dour-mouthed Dick Cheney had the job

George Bush was brought in to take charge of the Langley scandal-land and thus in the CIA Shrub 1 began his surge toward the campaign that made him president in '88 and then his biasmophilic (violence loving) son Shrub 2 a stolen victor in 2000 and Cheney/Rumsfeld would reappear in Shrub 2's reign to help smirch American history with reckless violence, passion for slaughter and hate-producing oilopathic greed & swagger --adapted from America, a History in Verse (Volume 4, 1971-1985)