Woodstock has an international reputation as a citadel of creativity and personal freedom. However, if you're coming to Woodstock "with flowers in your hair" and a joint or two in your luggage, be careful.
Woodstock authorities like to bust people for smoking joints in public. Not too long ago a couple visited Woodstock and brought with them a joint saved from the early days of their marriage. They took a stroll from their bed and breakfast to the beautiful Artists Cemetary where they thought they would celebrate their visit with a toke. One of them asked the other as they stood on the hill among the deceased violinists, poets and painters, "Do you see anyone?"
"Just that guy on a bicycle." The guy on the bicycle was a Woodstock gendarme who arrested them for their wedding herb.
So in the interest of public tranquility, we list the following places in Woodstock for visitors not to smoke pot:
!) The Artists Cemetary
2) Parking lot behind Houst's Hardware
3) Anywhere near the nightclub called The Joyous Lake
4) In the beautiful open space near the Woodstock town offices on Comeau Drive
5) In the Woostock Green
6) "Down by the old Mill Stream" a swimming hole after which the famous song was named
7) The parking lot in back of the Chamber of Commerce information building