Did Nixon Try to Murder George Wallace?


                        Did Nixon Try to Murder George Wallace? 
                        A Question with Meaning for 2004 

Author's Note: No one has really depicted the loathsome depths to which Nixon and his henchmen sank in order to reassure his reelection. The treason of Richard Nixon was that he tampered with the pure, legal flow of Democracy and Elections. In a very real way he hand-picked George McGovern to be the Democratic candidate as he dirty-tricked harshly & fiercely in 1970, '71 and '72 against Hubert Humphrey, Ted Kennedy, Edmund Muskie, John Lindsay, Henry Jackson and of course Governor George Wallace of Alabama
Did Richard Nixon try to kill George Wallace in May of '72? Till the day he died George Wallace thought so. The Background Richard Nixon was never very personable & always had to scheme with fierce & unfair campaigns to stitch together his winning coalitions It was clear by late '71 and early '72 that Governor Wallace quite possibly could siphon off enough Republican/Conservative votes to deny Tricky Dick his reelection & the Trickster was in a sweltry sweat But first let's journey back to the election of '68 In the Nixon-Humphrey race Humphrey had a faulty start coming out of the police riots in Chicago in August but then had closed the gap with Nixon. He broke tracks with LBJ on the issue of escalation of the war was about a single percentage point behind & seemed likely to squeak to victory till Nixon, thanks to Anna Chennault & Henry Kissinger, was able to sabotage the fall '68 peace talks with North Vietnam see America, a History in Verse, Volume 3 (1962-1970) or a more complete tracing of the time-flow] There was a big problem looming in the '68 campaign in that by September of 1968 George Wallace was up to 21% in the polls as a candidate for the American Independent Party and it seemed possible the AIP might stop the Democrats or the Republicans from getting enough electoral votes in November & maybe toss the election into the House of Representatives. But then October arrived & mal-minded & bomb-batty AIP vp candidate Curtis LeMay spent most of his first campaign speech touting the grooviness of nuclear war There were hecklers that kept confronting Wallace "Wallace's increasingly venomous confrontations with hecklers cost him voters" as one history has described it
Then there was a large effort by unions to bring their members to the Democratic Party so that in November Wallace/LeMay won just 5 deep south states & were peeled down to 13 % of th' vote --that is, over 9 million votes but not enough to pull victory away from Tricky who squeaked into the Oval Office by 7/10's of 1 % over Humphrey Sabotage against Wallace Nixon worried non-stop about his close triumph over Humphrey and very badly wanted Wallace out of the way for 1972 and so in the spring of 1970 Nixon directly ordered the funneling of scads of cash to Wallace's opponent, one Arthur Brewer, in the Alabama race for governor o stop Wallace's political come-back Herb Kalmbach was in charge of $1,000,000 left over rom the 1968 campaign and $400,000,000 in cash was delivered to prevent Wallace from winning. It didn't work Wallace nosed out ex-Gov. Brewer by a narrow 51.5 per cent of the vote
Nixon also sicced the IRS on the Wallace family May 1971 Gerald Wallace, George's brother, was being investigated for feeding political kickbacks to Geo through Gerald's law firm. Nixon was in Alabama that month and invited George Wallace to accompany him on plane trip Mobile to Birmingham There are no tape transcripts of the chit-chat on the flight but Wallace agreed to run in 1972 as a Democrat and not as an independent Not long afterward the tax case on Gerald Wallace was halted and lo! Wallace announced he would run for President as a Democrat Nixon's Muskienoia Senator Ed Muskie of Maine of course was the real "danger" to Nixon as polls in '71 showed the popular Muskie would beat Nixon in 1972 but Attorney General John Mitchell said at the time that in a race between Muskie, Nix and Wallace if only Wallace could be snuffed from the race 4/5's of the Wallace votes would go to Nix You can go to the article on the Woodstock Journal website " The Sabotage of the Campaign of Senator Edmund Muskie" to trace how Nixon hounded Muskie beginning n 1971 and into '72 so that he left the 1972 Presidential race] September 1971 A young human from Milwaukee named Arthur Bremer bought an blue Rambler for $800 half his income for 1970 Around October o' 1971 Nixon's henchmen paid for a campaign in California to try to purge American Independent Party voter lists in California so that the AIP wouldn't have enough voters to get on the California ballot in 1972 California law required a party's registration to exceed 1/15th of total state registration to qualify for the ballot. The deadline for re-registering AIP California registrants was 1-1-72. The scheme didn't work, but it showed Nixon's determination to wreck fair democracy (the Washington Post ran a piece on the drive in October of 1972) Nixon's Ongoing Wallacenoia Wallace, as we have seen, promised Nixon he'd run as a Democrat in '72 but what if Wallace, losing the spring Democratic primaries, decided after all to run as an independent? That might sink Nix During the Democratic Primaries o' 1972 Wallace won several, did well in others & henchmen of Nix were fully aware that the racist populist from Alabama was "still keeping his third party options open" March 1972 Wallace won the Florida Democratic primary 42 percent Humphrey 18.6 percent Henry Jackson 13 Muskie 8.9 Lindsay 7 percent McGovern 6.2 percent April 4, 1972 Wisconsin primary George McGovern 30 percent Wallace 22 percent Humphrey 21 percent Muskie 10 percent Another Loathsome Robo-Diary Similar to Sirhan Sirhan's) April 5 The human named Arthur Bremer kept a diary. Around this date Bremer apparently buried the first 148 pages of the diary somewhere not far from the furnished room in which he lived on the near west side of Milwaukee He began jotting his current activities in the last 113 pages. The first entry is April 5, with Bremer in a motel near LaGuardia having planed in from Milwaukee on April 4 Next entry April 13 apparently written in Canada April 13. April 7 & 8, 1972 Bremer stayed at the Waldorf-Astoria in NYC (Humphrey was set to be at the W-A on April 7 (but that was not a public knowledge thing) April 9, 1972 Writer-researcher Donald Freed sleuthed the Bremer question back in 1972 and claimed that Arthur Bremer was seen on "several occasions talking with an older, heavy set man" as they rode back and forth on a Michigan ferry boat. One such ferry ride occurred on April 9 when "Bremer met his contact on the Luddington, Michigan ferry" Bremer apparently was seen on "several occasions talking with an older, heavy set man" as they road back and forth on the ferry boat. —Donald Freed writing in the Los Angeles Free Press 6-23-72 The implication was that Bremer had a control agent perhaps working to Artichoke him into murder Ca April 19, Mr. Bremer returned to Milwaukee stayed there till second week in May when he tracked Governor Wallace into Michigan. April 25, 1972 With Muskie hounded from the race by Nixon by this time the Massachusetts Democratic primary went as follows: Mcgovern 52.7 Muskie 21.3 Humphrey 7.9 Wallace 7.4 The question troubling Nixon— Was Wallace going to switch to an independent line? May 12, 1972 Bremer stayed at a hotel in Kalamazoo not far from where a Wallace rally was to be held on the 13th May 13-14, Sat.-Sun Late Saturday or early Sunday Bremer left Kalamazoo for Wheaton, Md. in his Rambler Like Sirhan Sirhan or James Earl Ray the "loner" was stalking his prey It's possible that Bremer was plied with Artichoke-esque robo-programming then given money & free time then stalk then shoot then forget [See the information on the CIA Artichoke method of wiring up humans to kill, in America, a History in Verse, Volume 2 (1940-1961) page 283 ] Bremer Shoots Wallace May 15, 1972 Wallace held a rally that day in Wheaton, Md where Bremer was filmed by a TV crew There were hostile hecklers on hand so that Wallace could not do a handshake wade into the crowd but then at the next rally at a shopping center In Laurel there were no hecklers (did the forces of Nix pull the hecklers?) and so Wallace could do a wade leaving the bullet-proof shielded podium for a wade toward the smiling Bremer Where just after 4 p.m. Bremer fired five times Wallace's chief state security man, E. C. Dothard received a flesh wound in the abdomen and Wallace faced 54 days and a series of operations in the hospital leaving him with paralyzed legs Nixon's First Reaction Upon Hearing of the Shooting Nixon was "agitated" when informed of the shooting, and "voiced immediate concern hat the assassin might have ties to the Republican Party, or, even worse, to the President's Re-election Committee" (See the book All the President's Men, p. 329 and the White House tapes of 1-2-73) It was another murky torrent of Clio (the Muse of History) but one in which the sleazesome E. Howard Hunt appeared as he did too often in sleazesome tracks of the 20th century Chief Nixon dirty-trickster Charles Colson called Mr. Hunt Hunt was to fly to Milwaukee and get into Bremer's pad. According to Hunt, Hunt claims to have told Colson it was too late the apartment, Hunt claims he felt, would be sealed In fact, for a 90 minute period after the shooting reporters were allowed to enter and leave Bremer's Milwaukee pad. & a number of reporters had carried away papers and other stuff from the pad. "Investigators found his one-bedroom, third-floor apartment cluttered with notebooks and papers on which he apparently was constantly scribbling his thoughts, aphorisms or verse." --NY Times, Monday 5-22-72 Dinner with Nixon Nixon had dinner with henchman Charles Colson the evening after the Wallace shooting Nixon asked "if he a left-winger, right-winger?" Colson replied, "Well, he's going to be a left-winger by the time we get through, I think." Colson said "I've got one source that maybe...." implying they could plant literature in Bremer's pad in Milwaukee By 7 pm, May 15, 1972 a White house aide "announced to the press that papers found in Bremer's Milwaukee apartment linked him to 'leftist' causes, perhaps to the campaign of Senator McGovern. Planting Black Panther Literature in Bremer's Apartment in Milwaukee As the Watergate scandal was breaking in full sewery flush (in late '73) I learned from a reliable West Coast investigator that an ACLU attorney had gone to Arthur Bremer's apartment right after the shooting to see if he could assist in the legal defense The attorney saw a guy using a press pass from a California press service run by a well-known religious cult get into Bremer's apartment & deposit Black Panther or Angela Davis literature inside The Gilday Assertions According to Anthony Summers' engrossing book The Arrogance of Power-- the Secret World of Richard Nixon, Viking 2000, p. 406 a guy named William Gilday "has claimed since 1974 in communications with The New York Times, and others, including (Anthony Summers) that Nixon aides had asked him and a crony as early as 1970, in Boston, to take part in schemes ranging from dirty tricks to murder. "Those he was incited to kill, Gilday has said, included Senator Edward Kennedy and George Wallace. The aides in question are unnamed here for legal reasons, but Gilday has appeared to have knowledge of corroborating details-- their nicknames, for example-- and has provided reconnaissance photographs he said were taken with Kennedy's murder in view." Nixon Talks with Colson Summers describes and quotes from a White House tape of Jan 3, 1973: "In one of Nixon's most conspiratorial taped conversations, recorded after Watergate, he discussed with Colson the mistakes that had been made in mounting operations that were 'very close to me.' "'I did things out of Boston,' Colson replied. 'We did some blackmail and.....my God, uh, uh, uh, I'll go to my grave before I ever disclose it. But, uh, we did a hell of a lot of things and never got caught.... you had one of the men who was in line at your Christmas tree lighting reception who ran 15 or 20 black projects in Boston, and that'll never be traced. No way. And I could under oath say I didn't know how it happened.... that's the way to do it.'" Sirhan's Robo-Diary in Bremer's Car In Bremer's Rambler in Maryland several books were allegedly found Robert Blair Kaiser's RFK Must Die and Sirhan by Azis Shabab both checked out of the Milwaukee Public Library on May 5 (RFK Must Die contains a photocopy of Sirhan's "RFK must die" diary Perhaps they wanted to look at Sirhan's robo-diary to recall what such a document would look like) Finding Bremer's Own Putative Diary Bremer's putative handwritten diary was found in his Rambler the day after his arrest along with the books cited above. Unlike Sirhan's famous diary (which was used as evidence in its handwritten form) the FBI typed Bremer's diary, retaining the misspellings "that often lead Bremer into grotesque puns and juxtapositions" (To the best of my knowledge, the actual diary has not been examined by any independent investigator) Did Hunt Write the Diary? Gore Vidal wrote an interesting article for the New York Review of Books in December of 1973 entitled "The Art and Arts of E. Howard Hunt" which posed the question Did E. Howard Hunt write Bremer's diary? Hunt was a known forger He'd forged State Department documents in '71 trying to link JFK to the assassination of Diem in Nam & may have been involved in the assassination of John Kennedy Hunt was a dirty tricksters' dirty trickster but Vidal, with tongue in cheek, wrote "Although Howard Hunt is a self-admitted forger of state papers I do not think that he actually had a hand in writing Bremer's diary on the ground that the journal is a brilliant if flawed job of work, and beyond H.H.'s known literary competence." [If anyone has a photocopy of Bremer's actual diary please send me a copy; also I once read that the buried first 148 pages of Bremer's diary was dug up in 1980. Does anyone have a copy of that they could send me? Woodstock Journal, Box 805, Woodstock, NY 12498. Many thanks.] With Wallace Paralyzed With Wallace gone, Nixon was was sliming with triumph as Theodore White noted in The Making of the President--1972 pp. 251-252 "For two years George Wallace had haunted the planning of the White House. Whether public-approval ratings went up or down, whether Mr. Nixon went to China or reorganized the economy, his ratings in the major polls had stuck like a jammed needle at the same 43-percent-for-Nixon which the President had drawn in 1968. What jammed the needle was George Wallace, consistently picking up whether in the Harris or the Gallup poll, from 9 percent to 13 percent of the American national vote." Nixon's forces realized that if Wallace should lose the Democratic primaries then run on his own it could be a disaster. Wallace's strength in the north is what bothered the dirty-tricksters of Nix "The South, plus the Rocky Mountain states, plus the farm states, promised the President between 182 and 227 of the 270 electoral votes needed to win. The Pres needed only two or three of the big industrial states to add to that total and his election would be guaranteed." Wallace had gotten 11.8 % of Ohio in '68 10 % of Michigan 9 % of NJ 8 in Illinois and Pa "With Wallace (in 1972) apparently stronger in the primaries of 1972 than he had ever been before..... the President was still vulnerable" (until smiling Bremer struck) It was over for Wallace and Nixon, forcing all from the race except George McGovern was headed to victory in November. When Nixon returned from Moscow a few days after the shooting he post-Wallace-hit polls showed that he was surging over McGovern 54-38 Wallace Suspecting Nixon The Rest of His Life George Wallace told a news conference in 1974 "I have no evidence but I think my attempted assassination was part of a conspiracy"
and felt the same the rest of his wheel-chaired life.